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    Our client is a well-established Foodservice provider with 3 sites across the South of the UK, the growth has been exponential over the last few years and this is an exciting time to join one of the leaders within the sector.

    As the Head of Care home sector within a multi-site foodservice distributer your role would involve creating and implementing the go to market strategy for the sales team. Supporting the business with your extensive market knowledge you will help shape the offering, explore gaps in the market and ultimately drive sales within the care home industry. Your main focus would be to create an offering that will allow the sales force to sell foodservice products and solutions to care homes and senior living facilities.

    Here are some key responsibilities you may have in this role:

    1. Product knowledge: Having a deep understanding of the foodservice products and solutions that are relevant to the care home industry. This includes knowledge of dietary requirements, portion control, meal planning, and food safety regulations.
    2. Proposal development: Creating customised proposals and quotes for care homes, highlighting the value and cost-effectiveness of your products and services. This may involve collaborating with internal teams such as pricing, operations, and customer service.
    3. Building relationships: Developing and maintaining strong relationships with key decision-makers in care homes. This includes understanding their specific needs and challenges and tailoring your sales approach accordingly
    4. Create sales presentations and demonstrations: Conducting sales presentations and product demonstrations to showcase the benefits and features of your foodservice offerings. This may include menu planning, dietary consultations, and showcasing specialized equipment or software solutions.
    5. Market research and analysis: Staying up-to-date with industry trends, competitor activities, and regulatory changes that may impact the care home sector. This information can help you identify new sales opportunities and adjust your sales strategies accordingly.
    6. Support, coach and provide knowledge to the sales team when prospecting and lead generation: Identifying potential care homes and senior living facilities as sales prospects. This may involve researching and building a database of potential clients, attending industry events, and utilizing networking strategies.
    7. Account management: Managing and nurturing existing client relationships to drive repeat business and upselling opportunities. This includes regular communication, addressing any concerns or issues, and ensuring customer satisfaction.


    1. A broad and deep knowledge/understanding of the Care Home Foodservice Sector
    2. Go to market expertise for new products
    3. Independent and small group knowledge within the sector

    Overall, your role as a sales lead in the foodservice care home sector requires a strong understanding of the unique needs and challenges of care homes, excellent communication and relationship-building skills, and a proactive approach to generating and closing sales opportunities.

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